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Letter to the General
Title: Letter to the General
Author: CrystalKenobi
Fandom: Star Wars
Genre: AU, letter
Rating: G
Notes: I wrote this in the Official Obi-wan Kenobi fan club thread over at TFN back in August 2003. It was my first posting online of one of my writings. I would say it was written with the first pictures of Ewan’s look for Obi-wan for EP3 came out as inspiration. This is also based on my OC Lady Min Kenobi. Basically I just bought it over and added the disclaimer etc to it, otherwise its in its original form.
Disclaimer: All star wars characters etc belong to George Lucas. I don’t own anything except for Lady Min Kenobi. I am not making any money off of this.

My darling General,

If you are reading this letter than I have died. I know what you are thinking right now. You are thinking that you have failed another person. You never told me that you loved me. My darling you are wrong. Anakin's marriage to Padme was accepted by the Council once they saw the change in him from bad to good. But the Council could see that this caused problems for your master’s and padawan’s relationship. They thought that you could not understand Anakin's emotions. Our marriage was arranged by the Council as a way for you to understand your padawan better. It was hoped that through me you could come to understand the emotions that Anakin had.

What the Council could not understand was that you did understand what Anakin was going thru. You watched your own master fall in love and lose that love in death. You saw pain, suffering, and death during the clone wars. This changed you, but you could not express your feelings. Expressing your feelings would have been the final breaking of the code that you were raised to believe in. I saw daily the struggle you would go through. I want to leave this last thought with you and hope it brings some peace to your struggle.

My darling you did not fail me. You never had to tell me that you loved me with the words "I Love You". Every time you placed your strong, caring hands on my waist, and said "My Lady" while looking deep into my eyes, you said, “I love you".

Love your wife

Lady Minuet Kenobi

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Ack! She committed suicide?

Eeek how tragic!

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